1. How long do I need to start the application process, before I leave to work in the UK?
  2. As soon as you decide to move to the UK , then make contact with us , so we can start the paper work check list and avoid a stressful departure! The New Zealand Police check can take up to 5 weeks ( usually much less ) and immunisations and blood levels need a month to be rechecked if boosters are required.


  3. Do I need to have a UK Police check (Disclosure and Barring Services check) if I have never lived in the UK?
  4. Suprisingly the answer is Yes! Also this can only be done on an original DBS form which then needs to be processed in the UK, which can take up to 6 weeks. So please contact our offices so we can send this form to you. Sonographers Medical pay for your DBS.


  5. Should I open a bank account before I leave New Zealand?
  6. Our UK office has an excellent relationship with Barclays Wealth International, who have accounts specifically designed for professionals moving to the UK. These accounts can be opened before you arrive.


  7. What about working through a Limited Liability Company in the UK?
  8. This is a great way to optimise your take home pay and our London inhouse accountants will assist you through the process of set up.


  9. Does Sonographers Medical pay relocation costs?
  10. Sonographers Medical is unable to sponsor locums to go to the UK and are unable to provide payment to cover the costs of relocating. However, in some cases, it may be possible to recoup some of these costs from your tax bills. Our UK accountants can assist with this in conjunction with a limited company setup.


  11. Do jobs come with accommodation?
  12. Most locum and permanent positions don’t have accommodation available, but our UK office can give some assistance in finding somewhere suitable to live.


  13. Do Sonographers report their own scans in the UK?
  14. Yes.


  15. As a Sonographer reporting my own scans, do I need indemnity insurance?
  16. As extra protection over and above the National Health Service’s (NHS) own indemnity insurance which covers locums, it is prudent to have indemnity insurance. This can be purchased via some of the professional organisations, such as BMUS.


  17. Do I need to wear a uniform?
  18. Professional comfortable work clothes are important and while in most cases a uniform is not necessary, if you would like assistance with finding a suitable uniform, then Beehive Solutions supply a wide range of healthcare uniforms, dresses and tunics. If you are working through an Umbrella Company or Ltd Company option, you may be able to claim back the cost of your uniform as a legitimate business expense.