Visas & Permits in the UK

UK Work Visas and Permits

The UK Government have strict rules as to who is entitled to work in the UK. It is obviously not possible to consider individual cases via the web, and everyone is encouraged to identify their own status as soon as possible, but some general guidelines are described here.

You are likely to be able to work in the UK if:

  • You have a British Passport
  • You have a Passport from with in the European Union
  • You hold Ancestral Rights to Reside & Work in the UK

If you do not fit in to any of these categories, you will probably need to apply for an alternative

Tier 5 Youth Mobility Scheme

Previously known as the "Working Holiday Visa”. These can be obtained by people up to the age of 27 with British Commonwealth nationality. They give authority to work any where in the UK and are generally valid for up to 2 years stay.

Tier 1 Skilled Migrant Scheme

Previously known as the "Highly Skilled Migrant Visa”. There is no upper age limit on these, but applicants must hold the required levels of qualification, which are prone to change with very short notice.

Tier 2 Skilled Worker Scheme

Previously known as a "Work Permit". These can only be applied for by an Permanent employer operating with in the UK. They give permission for the holder to work at a specified location with in the UK, for a set period. Any changes in employment will usually need to be authorised by the Home Office. They generally are valid for 4 years. The employee may generally work for additional employers as long as they retain the employment with the original employer.

Note as an Employment Agency, Sonographers Medical NZ can not apply for a Work Permit for you. But, we can introduce you to Hospitals and Departments who are interested in such an option.

More information on Work Permits and Visas can be obtained at The Immigration and Nationality Directorate