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Your right to work in New Zealand

To practice Ultrasound and Diagnostic Radiography in New Zealand, in most cases you must be registered with the Medical Radiation Technologists Board (MRTB).

All applications are required to submit a criminal conviction history notice (or the equivalent in their country), to the MRTB and applicants need to be aware that this can take time to receive, but cannot be more than 3-months old once received by the Board.



Some overseas qualifications are recognised by the MRTB and when this is the case, registration is a reasonably, simple procedure.

Other overseas qualifications will be assessed on an individual basis, taking into account experience as well as qualifications.

If deemed appropriate, the MRTB will require a “Registration Examination Assessment “ (REA) where once locating a suitable position within a hospital or private radiology practice, there is a 3 month familiarisation period where the candidate scans under supervision. At the conclusion of this time, the applicant will then be practically and orally assessed by external examiners for competency and once this is passed, New Zealand registration is given.

The cost of this is $2000NZ (Often the sponsoring Hospital / District Health Board / Clinic contributes to some or all of the cost of this examination). In addition, a current yearly Annual Practicing Certificate is required to practice as a Sonographer.

The applicant must be able to demonstrate continuing professional development, and having worked the minimum required hours by the board and the annual fee paid.

Diagnostic Radiographers

Again, some qualifications are recognised by the MRTB. Those who are not, will be assessed on an individual basis.

As for Sonographers ,the “Registration Examination Assessment ” may be required by the MRTB, with full registration being given once the 3 month familiarisation period, where the candidate practices under supervision is completed, examinations passed and appropriate fees paid.

The Annual Practising Certificate is also required, and conditions are as for Sonographers.

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